Biography of

Mary Simms

Mary Simms was born in Makkovik, Labrador in 1894.  In the fall of 1907, Mary came to the Battle Harbor Hospital for medical treatment.  Unable to return home she went on to St. Anthony for the winter and began her work with the Grenfell Mission.

       Working with Dr. Grenfell that winter, AMary nightingale@, As he called her, found her life=s work.  She then went on to Boston to train as a midwife.  A year later, she returned to St. Anthony, resumed her work with the mission and continued on for many years.

       After moving to Main Brook in 1925, >Aunt Mary,=As she was known by all was the nurse for all the people of the French Shore from Englee to the fishot islands.  Serving the people of this area  was challenging and Aunt Mary traveled constantly with little thought for her own comfort.  She did her last delivery at the age of seventy-six.

       A committed Christian, Aunt Mary was known all along the shore for her unselfish, comforting ways and for her leadership.  Courageous and resourceful, she was the strength of her community. 

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