Student Council

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For the last several years, the students at Mary Simms All Grade School in Main Brook have elected a student council to represent their interest. After an exciting campaign and a presidential debate, class representatives was elected.

The council has been active in promoting school spirit and  coordinating activities for the whole school on a regular basis. In addition to advancing school spirit, the council also meets  to address issues which affect students giving students a voice in school affairs. For instance, the council has had input and influence in the formulation of the school policy.

One of the most attractive additions to the school is due largely to the efforts of council members.  They have been instrumental in the painting of two murals on the gymnasium walls.  The murals are attractive and depict the new school mascot. 

Below is a list of the members currently serving on student council:

Nikita Small President
Greg Curlew Member at Large
Clara Lee Clarke Member at Large
Desiree Reid-Byrne Member at Large
Corina Patey Member at Large



School Councils

Members of the Mary Simms All Grade School council are as follows:

Mr. Glen Curlew President
Vacant Vice-Chairperson
Vacant Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. Ward Samson Principal
Allan Marshfield Community Representative
Mr. Melvin Pilgrim Parent Representative
Mr. Mervin Pilgrim Parent Representative
Hugh Rowlings Teacher Representative
Amy Reynolds Teacher Representative


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